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Exporting WebKeepAlive Registry Definitions

When one uses the WebKeepAlive Configuration program to add URLs and define the overall WebKeepAlive environment, all definitions are retained within the System Registry.  When trouble shooting problems, you may be asked to export the WebKeepAlive Registry contents.  To do so, execute the following instructions and email the saved file to Sanibel Logic support.

After bringing up a command prompt window, key in REGEDIT.

RegEdit Command Prompt

A GUI Registry Editor window will appear.  Navigate and click on the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sanibel Logic\WebKeepAliveV5 registry key.  Right click the mouse and select Export.

RegEdit Export

Once the SaveAs dialog window appears, as illustrated below, provide a file name and .reg  file extension.  Be sure to compress the file first in ZIP form before emailing.

RegEdit Export SaveAs