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Understanding Your Mail Server’s Spam Filtering

Sanibel Logic licenses the Smarter Tools mail server product called SmarterMail.  SmarterMail's antispam features can rid mail servers of up to 95% of all spam.  Third party spam filtering product are NOT necessary when using SmarterMail as a mail server.

Due to the flexible nature of SmarterMail's antispam setup, spam checks can influence the spam decision as much or little as you want. When spam protection runs on a particular email, all enabled spam checks are performed on the email. The total weight of all failed tests is what comprises the spam weight for the email. A spam probability level of low, medium or high probability is then assigned to the email and an action is taken on that message based on its total spam weight. 

An added benefit to SmarterMail's Antispam Administration is the ability to combat both incoming and outgoing spam messages. Most mail servers only allow system administrators to keep spam from entering the mail server. SmarterMail helps protect mail users from incoming spam but also includes the added benefit of keeping mail servers from actually sending spam, thereby helping to protect the mail servers from being blacklisted.

The pre-configured default spam filtering rules for all domains are to move either medium or high spam probability email to the email account’s mail server based junk folder.  Email of low spam probability will be deposited into the Inbox by default.

Spam Probability Action
High Moved to Server Based Junk Folder
Medium Moved to Server Based Junk Folder
Low No Action – Deposited into Inbox
Your domain administrator can easily override the above default spam filtering configuration and take different actions for either of low, medium or high spam weight email.
For example, your domain administrator can configure an override and deposit all mail into an Inbox, regardless of spam filtering probability.   Your domain administrator can also override spam filtering rules and move low, medium and high spam filtering probability mail to the server based junk mail folder.  Moving all of low. medium and high probability to the server based junk mail folder is of course the most aggressive spam filtering approach, however it is an acceptable approach, usually resulting in identifying and diverting 95% of spam.
Spam filtering is not a perfect science, and occasional emails may be incorrectly identified as spam from time to time.  Best practice dictates that your server based junk folder be occasionally checked for incorrectly categorized emails.