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HttpCompressionAgent - A Must Have Compression Module...

HttpCompressionAgent continues to provide incredible compression efficiencies for HTTP data streams, providing between 70%-95% reduction in overall data stream size.  Of course one of the added features is that embedded resources (WebResource.axd HTTP requests) are also compressed.  Just listen to what third parties are saying in a recent Internet forum session...

"...I decided to try HTTPCompressionAgent from Sanibel Logic. Although DNN has built in compression, I decided to try this module as it was supposed to compress a few things DNN didn't.

What I found was that for me this is a MUST HAVE WITH LISTX! If you have ever done any performance analysis on your site against ListX, you will notice that ANY ListX module you have is NOT compressed IF you have AJAX enabled. I loaded up HTTPCompressionAgent from Sanibel and low and behold... now ALL my ListX AJAX enabled modules are compressed. It's made a HUGE difference...."

HttpCompressionAgent also works flawlessly with the latest of ASP.NET features, such as ASP.NET 3.5 extensions, AJAX, etc...

"...Well, after buying and trying this module, I have to say it so far seems to work flawlessly on compressing the .AXD's. Plus the support is instant (Sunday afternoon < 2 hour email response). I have to second the endorsement on this one, if it works on our crazy site with all our compression stuff and assorted modules, for sure it will work wonders on basic setups..."

Please don't take my word for it. CLICK HERE to read the entire forum exchange.